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New's update Today of  02/18/2013

Welcome to news today, or topic is about or operating  system I will be puting pictures and or new programming languages. There realy not that much going on today becouse its a holiday.

New's update Today of  02/17/2013

Hi, we have the site up, but the links on the left you can not click on them right now but just go to are forum and news. But there well be updates here as well, so just chick are site. Sorry we have not been updateing the forum and website, we will start updateing it every day ether in the moring or the evening, forum is up and the contact us page is up. Thanks

New's update Today of  02/13/2013

Welcome to Hacking & Programming, This site is for help on computers and programming, We even have hacking, The latest news update... Note that we update or site and forums every day, So please visit or forums and go to news to find out more, about are site and more. This site is just for testing and nothing eals, you can browes the website by clicking on the left what you wont to open and read about, more updates will be made tommorew, but site is open as a free server, that we are using because, we are having turble with or server at the time so just check the site and fourms for more info. thanks and hop to here what everything you need done and stuff like tech help for computers or if you need a website made must tell us what you want done to make a website or program that you realy wont . thanks.

New's update Today of 02/25/2013

Hi everyone sorry for no updating the website will soon. Today.